Like many of you, I once worked "for an uncle". Not so much for a penny, but certainly not fat. More specifically, I worked in banks, gave loans, took deposits, etc. An ordinary manager, thousands of them. Then my daughter was born, I had to change something radically, because I did not have my own home and a significant amount of income was spent on renting an apartment. The mortgage is not an option. Who does not know, is actually slavery for many decades. None of my relatives could help with this question and, therefore, I decided to look for additional sources of income. Actually, it all started with this.


If you do not have children, you can hardly understand how much money you need. Specialized food (you will not feed your child, right?), Diapers (diamonds, right?), And this does not mean toys, clothes (and the child grows and constantly requires "changing clothes"), crib, chair ride For the summer, a stroller for the winter, medicines (and they get sick with an enviable regularity), and so on. In general, and therefore not quite good financial situation quite agitated. My wife could not help with anything, because you do not work on the decree, well, and the child requires a huge amount of time. In general, I came across options. By occupation, the general understanding of the process had a basic meaning, and also understood the system (as it seemed to me then). Without thinking twice, I found a trading platform that I liked. Frankly, I chose randomly, but never disappointed in the election. Just at that moment, "Olimp Trade" appeared. Actually, he is still alive, as you can see yourself by registering on the official website using the form on the right side of this article. In due time, I also registered.



Then, having studied everything that was possible about the online signals for the options, the most popular strategies and the general commercial principles, I started. I filled the deposit for the minimum of $ 10 and started to operate. Almost immediately it became clear that it would not be possible to win real money at Olympus with such a sum. Very low profitability Having won $ 10 for another $ 5 for the entire day of operations, I decided to take a chance and deposited another $ 100. The issue immediately became more fun. In just a few days, devoting only a few hours to commercial moving average strategies (and, frankly, luck), it "went up" to almost $ 500.


As I understood at this point, for an efficient trade you can not use the standard strategies proposed by Olympus Trade or any other source. More precisely, you can use them, but you can only maximize your income if you refine the strategy for yourself, changing the rules a bit and adding them. I recommend using proven strategies. For example, it was convenient for me to trade simultaneously in moving averages, complementing them with the Parabolic indicator. In principle, I continue to work in this way. Furthermore, when I trust in the success of the transaction, I open several contracts at the same time. I prefer to trade in options for 1 minute. Yes, the risk is somewhat high, but you can work only a few hours and spend the rest of the day with your family. And, finally, the size of the transaction is often doubled, if the previous one brought a loss. But this is not a mandatory rule, but in the mood. Each week I withdraw about $ 10,000 from my company to my real account. This is not too much, compared to how much you can earn, but let's be honest, the essence of money is not to earn as much as possible, but to receive everything you need for life. I have $ 10,000.00 per week enough for me, although when I started, I tried to work hard to save money in a faster apartment.


At this time, I continue to use the commercial platform of Olimp Trade, as I was convinced of the reliability of this innovative IT company and never had problems with it personally. The commercial terminal to work with options of this company is easy to understand and has all the necessary functions. Maybe, somewhere they offer better and more, but for me, personally, it's enough. The best is the enemy of the good, is not it? Now I'm going to spend a couple of hours a day trading. I think that's enough. If you need more money, simply increase your profits accordingly. For example, if you work 8 hours a day, as in normal work, you can produce not 10 thousand per week, but 10 * 4 = $ 40 thousand. Frankly, when I put money for the first time at the launch, I did not think I would see them live. Everything was too fabulous and unreal. In fact, well, who can assume that they will make $ 10,000.00 per week? Even in a year, this amount does not seem very real. But, as you can see, I'm still here and I'm still working. Along the way, I am writing on this site for my own pleasure. I ask everyone to at least try to work in this way. I guess many simply can not understand how and what to do in the exchange. But the rest will get exactly what they want. Although not immediately, lose one or even several deposits.

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